Smart Optimization Softwares for Mobility


VisiLog TM - Track Monitor 

Sales Force Management

                   Keep track of your Sales Team as they  register
              Sales Orders on Tablets or Smartphones during visits

Real-time Sales Team performance monitor

When your salesmen are equipped with mobile equipment, you will be able to keep track of your entire itinerary. That route is optimized and scheduled by VisiLog Express Routes. As they are typing orders, these effects are shown in the Ordermeter. Visits that did not generate orders as well.

Orders entries On-line or Off-line

Orders can be registered in the field. They are sent instantly or in batches to the central system.

Have you even visited the Client?

Although you can, you do not have to analyze on the map what your salesman did, his route, his stops, etc.

Through an Artificial Intelligence feature, the software produces a report of what it was planned to do and what was actually done.

VisiLog TM - Track Monitor

Field Service Management

Track where your External Team is and the Status of your Services

All the features of the other applications, only adapted to External Services

       Suitable for Field Technicians, Sales Promoters, Home Health Care, etc.

developed by Visilog - trade mark

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