VisiLog TM - Track Monitor

  Pickup and Delivery Management

Keep Track of your Vehicles / Professionals and ensure                  that Optimized Routes are being met

What it does?

It allows to monitor the operation in Real Time, to visualize the displacement in maps, to follow the status of the services, to exchange messages with professionals, to register signature and photos.

Integration of Routing Planning with the External Execution 

All optimization on Routes can be lost if you do not have the guarantee that they are being fulfilled. Our softwares allow full integration between them.


Greater visibility and control of what is happening during the external operation. Anticipation of actions. Detection of idleness. Improvement in the use of resources and the level of customer service

Solution Components

The vehicles are tracked through the GPS of the mobile equipment. This information is transmitted to the software and to your desktop, tablet or smartphone in which you can take a broad control of the external operation.

How does it work?

Mobile Equipments like Tablets or Smartphones receive the digital list of deliveries / visits from  Route - Pro or Express softwares. Field professionals lhave their displacements and operations tracked it is possible to exchange messages with the central office. The software automatically detects if the location is actually being visited.

On or Off line Communication with Teams

Field professionals register their operations and these can be stored and send in batch or immediately. The same does for tracking.

Advanced Resources

Comparison of the Planned route with its Execution

Through an Artificial Intelligence engine the software detects variations between planned and executed paths, visits and times. Software automatically detects a non-visit under a planned client location (electronic fence)

Integration with GPS Navigator, Traffic Information, Dynamic Routing

Software automatically sends the locations to be visited to the GPS Navigator and interacts with it. Traffic information can change the visitation sequence. Occurrences in deliveries / visits can be entered in operation time.

Give Customers updated information about their delivery

With the operation under control it is possible to inform the Client of the updated position of their delivery or visit. An upgrade in Service Level.

+ Record of deliveries / pickups in real time
with photos and proof of delivery (digital signature)


Smart Optimization Softwares for Mobility

developed by Visilog - trade mark

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