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VisiLog Route Pro - Advanced Routing

Easy, complete and definitive, check below:

What it does?

It allows reducing the number of vehicles / professionals and their routes in the distribution of goods, services or visits.
All this faster and more efficiently than in a manual process.

Clients and Orders visualization

O software permite a visão geográfica dos clientes e pedidos e sua organização em regiões e setores. O Software trabalha com diversas plataformas de mapas. Na da Google é possível o Street View.


Decrease in the number of vehicles and professionals involved in the operation, reduction of fuels and other inputs, more efficient time scheduling, better level of customer service.

Algorithms adhering to each business

Every business has a particularity. Our Algorithms were developed to consider this diversity. For example, the Distribution of Beverages is different from the Delivery of Money to Banks.

How does it work?

Import customers and orders into the software. By obeying self-defined parameters, the generation of optimized routes and routes happens very quickly. After this,the software issue delivery list  to the Track Monitor application.

Scenary Studies and Simulation

Create scenarios and conduct strategic studies by changing parameters. Evaluate changes in vehicle capacity, location of facilities, differentiated levels of services, etc.

VisiLog Route Express 

A simple way to optimally assembler Multipoint Fixed Routes for Technicians, Salesmen, Sales Promoters, etc.

Assembling of Fixed Routes

Transportation LTL, with few deliveries and activities that always serve the same customers at same frequency, need to assembler Fixed Routes. This is the case of preventive maintenance technicians, vendors, etc.

How does it work

All visits are imported into the software. Those that are part of each route are simply selected. The software suggests the best sequence of visits and times. A list of the addresses to be visited is displayed with the option of presenting a map.

Integrated with Track Monitor App

The list of deliveries can be exported to the technicians/salesmen Tablets or Smartphones   through VisiLog Track Monitor software.

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